Confidential Placement for the Client & Candidate

Real Prescreening and Vetting
'Dont send me a hundred resumes, I dont have time for that. It cost me money!"

About Akoqua Search
Akoqua partners with emerging and high growth startups and technology companies to secure top talent and scale business and technology teams to fuel tomorrow’s innovations. As the premier executive search firm for today's technology industry, we serve as a trusted recruiting resource and a source of knowledge and expertise for our clients and their backers, from angel investors and advisors, to top tier venture capital firms.

Our Mission

"Rule one of recruitment know what the customer needs to don't act like you do."

Akoqua Search is dedicated to the ethical, rapid and successful placement of top-tiered talent in the high-tech sector around the world. It is our mission to provide a match that will result in success and growth for both the client and the candidate.

What We Provide
We provide technology companies with the team, tools, network and experience to secure top talent, scale business and technology teams and fuel new innovations across the technology landscape. Using our highly tailored approach, we operate with the scope and and experience that growing organizations need to find the right professionals for not just our clients’ current needs, but for their growth and future as well.

Our team of executive recruiters is comprised of seasoned professionals from a wide range of recruiting backgrounds and expertise. We collaborate based on this range of experiences, and unify our approach, tailoring our strategy to the specific needs of our clients and to the nuances of the technology industry. We keep our finger on the pulse of the technology world, paying close attention to thriving and emerging sectors and trends, and staying connected with the professionals that drive them.

Why Akoqua
Today’s startup must be responsive, efficient and agile to survive, let alone achieve success. We take this to heart, operating with the same responsiveness, efficiency and agility as the startup companies we work for. Our philosophy results in a partnership mentality between you and our recruiters, a healthy and open line of communication, and a results oriented approach to finding you the right talent for your needs. Our methods are proven, and our track record is unparalleled.